Do insurance companies cover your services?

Yes! insurance companies cover my services for injuries related to motor vehicle accidents as well as injuries on the job.

Which other alternatives pay for your services?

If you have a medical condition and an Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), get a referral from your doctor. I accept most major credit cards, HSA debit cards, checks, and cash.Massage

How much do your services cost?

Can I use or request each service separately?

You are welcome to use one or all three services. Most clients enjoy my 3-in-1 system, (manual therapy, kinesio taping, and fitness training/rehab), to get them either working or competing at their best each day.

Do you offer special offers or discounts?

Yes! I offer discounts for all services such as:

How do I schedule today?

Go directly to www.p-f-s.genbook.com to schedule online. You can also use the “BookNow button on, which is located in the top left of every page of my website.