3-in-1 System

.3-1-system-runnersWhat a journey! Running is a regular part of your life. It brings you better mental, emotional, and physical health, increases your resilience when life’s challenges come your way, and it is just plain fun!

Whether you have been running for 20+ years or are just beginning your journey, this 3-in-1 system: myoskeletal alignment bodywork (MAT), kinesio taping, and periodization training will help you have more fun and achieve greater results safely. Safety first! It is always best to work with a well-educated, experienced, and certified professional who uses valid and reliable research

This system has shown to reduce or eliminate acute and chronic pain including, but not limited to, those of you that run and have jobs where you are sitting at a computer or driving for many hours out of your week. At the same time, you have an intelligently designed and personalized periodization plan to assist you be at your best on the day of your event.

Here is how the 3-in-1 system works: Myoskeletal Alignment Technique bodywork is used to get the body back into alignment and reduce or eliminate acute and/or chronic pain as well as increase flexibility. Kinesio taping is applied to your skin and is designed to remain on your skin while running, swimming, or any activity for up to five days. With the information gathered in the fitness testing, MAT bodywork, and other personal data, a customized periodization plan is developed. In my practice, most clients get immediate relief after the first session. It is very helpful when you develop a self-care plan along with periodization training so you can manage other daily health habits.

Periodization training: Modern periodization training is a customized, measured, progressive, and cyclical plan. You gradually improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and the ability to recover faster from intense runs. You document important areas concerning weight, sleep, and diet on a daily basis as well. A periodization trainer develops your schedule as well as supports you with coaching and one-to-one training sessions.

Several Important Questions From Runners

1. What is the importance of a heart rate monitor and how can I use it in my training?

The most important use of a heart rate monitor is safety. When you know what your proper heart rate zones are, you have a tool to tell you when you are running in the incorrect or unsafe heart rate zone, especially on warmer days. In the training process, proper heart rate zone management is essential in developing the gradual changes needed to improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle recovery.

2. How is a periodization schedule customized to me?

After an initial fitness testing session, your personal data is used as a part of the customization and scheduling process to get you started in the correct heart rate zones so you can begin training safely, efficiently, and effectively. The periodization schedule includes a series of progressive cycles. The cycles gradually change the levels of intensity in each of the heart rate zones and the minutes in each zone as you progress toward your event(s).